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Welcome to TRi's World

Welcome, dear traveller, to my small, virtual world! Not all of its parts are discovered and mapped yet, but my quest to do so is still ongoing, albeit slowly and not in all three languages (Dutch, English, German) at the same time.

You can find the parts that have been mapped already in the menu on the lefthand side. The names may seem strange - but that is to be expected in strange worlds... However, if you let your mouse hover about a name, a short description should become visible. Also, under "The Map", there is an overall 'map' for this world available.

Please enjoy your journey in this little world!


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Category: Verbaros
Posted by: admin

At long last, I have added a few more poems to Verbaros:

All five of them were written between 2000 and 2012.

Category: Verbaros
Posted by: admin
After having presented the "Single Poems" in an "intuitive" order up until now, I decided that these days I'd rather see them in chronological order. While re-ordering, I also split the single, very long page into three: Single Poems 1986-1995Single Poems 1996-1999 and Single Poems 2000-today. The latter is kind of shortish, but I've rediscovered several poems from the 2000s, so there is more to come...
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Spring cleaning - a new start for TRi's World!